Jothe Jotheyali Kannada Serial Zee Kannada

Jothe jotheyali is a kannada serial telecasting in zee kannada..

Today episode in English ????????

Firstly here Harsha calls to jhende and asks about daada,so Arya took that phone and talks with harsha,so tells he tries maximum to meet him but it not happen,Arya says need not to worry I will drop subbu and Anu than I will come to home...than subbu comes and tells that Anu is missing,so jhende shocked and calls to Anu and tells y did she went without Anu praying in temple after she came outside one car came to her and that person tells jhende sir tells that it's a urgent get in to the same time jhende came to temple and he didn't finds Anu ,so he tells to his guards that Anu was missing want to check all Arya sir and subbu both are worried about Anu Harsha tells to maansi that this is unfair, bcoz I request somany times to meet daada ,but jhende neglected me but how can he brings Mansi convince that don't worry harsha you given love and care to them but they didn't give worth for it..further tells jhende is like a robot,he thinks only about security so don't take tension about him and tells let us go for a long drive...after that both went for a drive,harsha asks a sorry bcoz till now he didn't acts like a husband with maansi from now onwards he will take all care about her,maansi feels very happy at the same time one car fastly cross harsha's car,but in that car Anu was there by heading a gun..after that suddenly chittaranjan comes into centre of road,so Harsha puts breaks and both of them came outside..Harsha questions who is he, and asks y he came to road so Mansi tells he looks like a astrologer,but chittaranjan says he was not a astrologer,he tells only truth,further says from now it is very danger so they can go back,by hearing this Mansi gets upset and they both went back..after they went chittaranjan calls to someone and says now they can start their program..????????


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