Funky Friday Hack New Op Auto Player Hack Roblox Funky Friday Script

Funky Friday Hack
Funky Friday Script
Roblox Funky Friday Hack

Hello guys.
So i have here the most op script for Funky Friday Hack and its amazing. This script is an auto player hack which can play any song. I got over 200k points as score with this op hack. You can always win with it and get a ton of points.

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( if you need help just dm me : LuL(#)5799 )

So guys as you can see in the video the hack script got me an very high score and never missed. You can get really high score with the script and its the only one that works on hard songs.

Game - Link????

Its an really amazing script and an very op one , you can defeat anyone with it on any song. You can even set the hack to legit mode or rage mode ( see first lines of script) .

????Do you have problems with KRNL?????

Make sure you have those programs installed :

1. Directx:

2. Visual C++ Redistributable (x64 & x86):

3. .NET Framework (4.7.2+): ​...

You need those installed also make sure you disabled antivirus too.

Krnl only works on :
Windows 8.1+ (including Windows 8.1), preferrable 64-bit OS.


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