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So yes, unofficial runs, and as far as my searching went, these are the fastest DS/DSOD runs. If someone beats these world records, let me know so I can change the title. These runs are pretty optimized, so good luck if you want to beat them.

I was saving this video for a long time because I knew I would need it as filler one day, and here it is. These maps aren't that hard to speedrun if you just know what you're doing and have strats that you can execute while killing everything in sight. That's really what made these runs happen, just the fact of how many enemies we are murdering. Had this been DW or lower, we could completely ignore them and go about the objectives much faster.

People in video:





0:00 Quick Note
0:55 Goat Sim day 1
6:20 Goat Sim day 2
18:20 Lab Rats


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Music, in order, Emerald Hill Zone - Masato Nakamura, Sound of Infinity - F777, Donacdum - Carl Norén
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