200Iq Pathing Mordekaiser Jungle Lets You Take Over Every Game Season 11 Jungle Guide

???? How to play and carry inting bot lanes with the hidden OP MORDEKAISER JUNGLE out of ANY ELO with this jungle carry guide in Season 11! ???? Virkayu Volibear/Live Coaching Companion! : ????Coaching: ???? Support with Patreon: ???? Main channel: ???? Twitch:

THE MATCH: hhttps://rb.gy/swcwao [Mobalytics Downloads from this link support the channel!]

How to play MORDEKAISER jungle, carry, and WIN in Season 11 with the best build and runes! Farming and play smart/safe/patient while your laners INT, control the objectives, be selfish, and then bonk all in your way. Also I coach a lot of jungle pathing and how to jungle early game!

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I am also a voice for MOBALYTICS!

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